The best Chicago DJs are here at Chicago Live Music. Whether you’re just looking for a great Chicago Wedding DJ, an authentic Chicago House DJ, Hip Hop, or anything in between, we have what you are looking for. Many of our DJs also work as VJs or Video Jockeys, which will add an exciting visual element to your wedding, event or nightclub. They mix all of the music videos you know and love, on Hi-definition screens.

  • ACS-AD

    America Can Sing-Karaoke

    We would like to know more about your event, so we can match you with one of our professional...

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  • Chicago_wedding_DJ_Martin

    Martin Luna

    DJ, VJ - Top 40, House, Hip-hop, Music Videos - Dinner Music, Dance Music

    Martin “Boogieman” Luna is a professional DJ/VJ from Chicago,IL, spinning music and music videos. DJ Boogieman is a producer,writer...

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  • DJ_Ricky_photo

    Ricky Bradshaw

    DJ - Top 40, Classic R&B, Classic Rock, House, Hip-hop - Dinner Music, Dance Music

    DJ Ricky Bradshaw got his start in Chicago’s thriving House music scene. With a family deeply involved in the...

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  • SWAY_Chicago_New_Photo

    Sway Chicago

    Band - Classic Rock, Contemporary, Motown, R&B, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Swing, Big-Band, Latin, Jewish Music, Polish Music, Irish Music, Italian Music - Cocktail Music, Dinner Music, Dance Music

    Sway Chicago is one the most respected and sought after Chicago wedding bands and dance bands. Featuring a quartet...

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  • Chicago_DJ_Tim_Turner

    Tim Turner

    DJ, VJ - Top 40, House, Hip-hop, Music Videos - Dinner Music, Dance Music

    The story of Tim “TOO HYPE”-the D.J., started around 1989. I used to go clubbing & dancing around the...

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