Chicago Wedding Bands

At Chicago Live Music, we have selected the best Chicago Wedding Bands. Please see below for your wedding or event.

  • Chicago_violin_Carol_kalvonjian


    Classical, Jazz, Pop - Violin, Viola, Cello - Cocktail Music, Dinner Music

    Artistrings performs music for weddings of all faiths and denominations, at hundreds of locations throughout Chicagoland. We work with...

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  • Chicago_wedding_band_Deep_City_Logo

    Deep City Band

    Band - Cocktail Music, Dinner Music, Dance Music

    Deep City Band plays a variety of music ranging from the 1940′s to today. From Swing to top 40...

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  • Rhythmique photo


    RYTHMIQUE English translation 1. marked by or moving in pronounced rhythm RYTHMIQUE is an exciting and engaging, high-energy dance...

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  • SWAY_Chicago_New_Photo

    Sway Chicago

    Band - Classic Rock, Contemporary, Motown, R&B, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Swing, Big-Band, Latin, Jewish Music, Polish Music, Irish Music, Italian Music - Cocktail Music, Dinner Music, Dance Music

    Sway Chicago is one the most respected and sought after Chicago wedding bands and dance bands. Featuring a quartet...

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