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Music StyleClassical, Jazz, Pop

InstrumentViolin, Viola, Cello

Event TypesCocktail Music, Dinner Music


Artistrings performs music for weddings of all faiths and denominations, at hundreds of locations throughout Chicagoland. We work with you to create a custom wedding celebration, consulting closely with your chosen team of vendors to be certain that your wedding day is as flawless as humanly possible. Many couples desire a classic traditional mood, and we have over 1000 pieces in our repertoire from which to choose. However, others want to put their own unique spin on their ceremony, which we embrace and encourage! Here are a few examples of wedding ceremonies we’ve planned and performed that have unfolded as unforgettable, musical stories
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Cats: Bands, Cello, Chicago Wedding Bands, Classical, Musicians, Pop, Viola, and Violin.


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